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Tree. Tree! TREE!
Feb. 13, 2014
This year, we're planting over 100 trees around camp. Why? Because trees are awesome!

It's a big year for trees at Jacobs Camp! This winter and spring, we are planting over 100 trees all around camp. Why? Because trees are awesome!

Okay, it's a little more complicated than that. First, for those of you who were campers in the late 1970's, you may remember that a whole lot of pine trees were planted around camp - especially along the roadways - that summer. Pines are not the strongest of trees, and in recent years, we've lost many of them. Second, this spring we intend to put new roofs on all of the shingled buildings; before we do that, we are trimming and removing both dead trees and those that may put our new roofs at risk. And third, we could use the shade!

So, we have partnered with arborist Adrian Juttner, who has helped us select trees (hardwoods, fruit trees, and more, oh my!) and locations, and has been personally overseeing the planting. To-date, 70 trees have already been planted, with more to go in the ground in coming weeks.

If you visit camp in the coming months, you'll see our saplings scattered all over camp. It will, of course, take years for there impact to be seen and felt; but, with a little TLC, we are hopeful that this tree planting will enhance and transform our facility - making our camp even more beautiful than it already is!

Please click here to enjoy 'The Tree Song.' 

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