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General Staff Job Description
Sep. 21, 2010
This description lays out our expectations of everyone working on staff here at Henry S Jacobs camp.

In addition to the various specific tasks assigned to each member of the Camp staff, there are certain expectations and responsibilities that are required of all staff members, regardless of their particular assigned duties.  All staff members are expected to satisfy the qualifications and fulfill the responsibilities outlined below.


w  Desire and ability to work with children in Camp setting.

w  Ability to relate to one's peer group.

w  Ability to accept supervision and guidance.

w  Be of good character, integrity, and adaptability. 

w  Enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self-control.

w  Well-developed sense of responsibility, good judgment, common sense.

w  Must be adult role model of responsible, mature living.

w  Must have understanding of the potential, characteristics, and issues of young children.

w  Must be sufficiently mature to guide impressionable youngsters through their stay at Camp.

w  A parental attitude.  Must respect the feelings of both children and their parents at all times.


w  Be responsible for the needs of the campers, your fellow staff members, and yourself.

w  Be safety conscious at all times.

w  Provide fellow staff members with your support.

w  Maintain strong lines of communication with all other staff members.  This includes formal and informal evaluations with your supervisor.

w  Have fun.

w  Behave appropriately and maintain proper decorum.

w  Be an exemplary role model of Jewish living. 

w  Be actively engaged in interactions with campers, as opposed to just “watching” them

w  Be on time and present for all assigned activities.

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